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Emergency & Concierge Medical Services


Living in Indonesia, healthcare can be troubling, frustrating, and time consuming. How much would it be worth to you to have access to a medical team that you could see anytime, call anytime, and could get you fast to the hospital under 60 minutes?

How long do you have to wait in the waiting room to see your doctor? Can you call your doctor anytime for simple questions and advice? Are you ready when your loved ones were to suffer a medical emergency? What number do you call? Do you have all your medical records on hand?

Now you can have the peace of mind knowing that an internationally certified medical team is on stand guard 24/7 for you for all your healthcare needs. The overwhelming benefits of Medic One Emergency and Concierge Medical Services can be summed up in three words: TIME, CONVENIENCE and EXCELLENCE. There is time to listen to you; convenience to get a meaningful preventive service at home and excellence as we delve into complex medical problems.

Our Emergency & Concierge Medical solution is centered on our team of Personal Health Consultants, typically registered AREMT paramedics, supported by Medical Directors and a panel of top specialists between Jakarta and Singapore. Our highly personalized services range from addressing a host of preventive and emergency medical response to providing one-on-one support for improving health and well-being.

While our work is strongly supported by a high level of automation from our 24/7 Medical Response Center, you can be assured of getting personalized and compassionate attention from a professional and caring medical team and staff.


  • Nationwide Emergency & Concierge Medical Helpline
  • Nationwide Ambulance Network Arrangement
  • Jakarta Medic One Paramedic Motorcycle
  • Jakarta Medic One Paramedic Ambulance
  • 24/7 Doctor Call (Telephonic Consultation)
  • Paramedic or Doctor Hospital Escort
  • Air Medical Evacuation Scheme
  • Air Medical Escort / Flight Paramedics
  • Medical & Dental Second Opinion
  • 24/7 Visiting Doctor Services
  • Find a Doctor and Appoinment Services