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Our Services / Corporate Health


We offer customized solution that make workplaces safer, improve morale and save your time and money by promoting a healthier and safer workplace. We supply first class certified medical personnel, accredited emergency medical training and expertise access to Australasian Registry Emergency Medical Technicians (AREMT) network of EMTs, Paramedics and Physicians.

Medic One recognizes that health and safety success is about human relations, quality technologies and advanced medical skill and intelligence. As the country’s sole provider of total-solution in 24/7 paramedic response and pre-hospital medicine, we ensure quality results and offer our customers excellence in care. Medic One’s accountability lies in its established Clinical Standards Advisory Committee who work with international regulatory bodies to review and ensure world best practice standard are met. Medic One is now Indonesia’s first in all aspect of first aid and industrial services and commitment to you is second to none.


24/7 Medical Emergency Helpline

Medical Staffing

Our certified medical staffing (doctors, nurses, paramedics)  are qualified to perform medical care from primary care to emergency care. All our personnel are certified in medical professional courses and legislative safety training suitable for the needs of clients various locations such as remote areas, factories, offices.


Medical Training

Medic One training programs acknowledge as a leader for providing the highest quality educational system in health training studies. As authorized training center of American Heart Association (AHA) and Australasian Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (AREMT), we provide training for medical professionals and general public with international certification.

Under  the instructor licensees of AHA and AREMT, and supervise by training supervisory board , our local and expat instructors have national and international experience in training netwrok and real life experience in medical emergency cases


Occupational Health

Vaccination Program
Vaccines save millions of lives a year and are among the most cost-effective health interventions ever developed. Medic One provides a range of programs for local staff and expatriates, and business travelers. We provide advice on required and recommended vaccinations worldwide and find qualified medical providers to administer inoculations. Locally, we can run vaccination campaigns so employees obtain needed immunizations as scheduled.

Health Site Reviews
Under Occupational Health doctors and Public Health Consultant, we conduct a survey, analysis, and  evaluation of medical facility at remote site. This will include an analysis of local health hazards and medical infrastructure around the project.



Ambulance Services

Ambulance can be rent for long term projects.


Medical Clinic and First Aid Post

We can establish and manage first aid post or medical clinic at remote site.


Medical Supplies & Equipments

We can provide on going supplies of quality medical equipment and consumable items to ensure that your medical facility maintains peak performance.


First Aid Kits