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Save A Life Team (SALT)

We Need One More Person to Save Lives. YOU!

We serve the community with Save A Life Team (SALT) as our second mission, which aims to promote and teach first aid skill to everyone. Those skills can be used to help in an emergency prior to the arrival of medical team or on the way to the hospital. Everytime you learn with Medic One, part of profit will be put aside to enable us to pay for paramedic trainer and equipments to teach teenagers and teachers at public schools free Life Saver First Aid (LSFA) skills. The lessons learned early in life establish behavioral patterns for the rest of our life and become a part of a person’s core beliefs and values.

In promoting health and safety in Indonesia, MEDIC ONE has chosen to focus on teaching teenagers (13-17 years old), and public school teachers free basic Life Supporting First Aid (LSFA) skills in order to inform or change their behavior, attitudes and response to emergencies. The course subjects include among others: scene safety, recognizing an emergency, opening an airway, early heart attack care, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, contacting local medical help, and control bleeding.

Similar programs in the US, Australia and the European countries have a proven track record of producing citizens who will act due to increased knowledge, confidence, and a desire to come to the aid of others in emergencies.

Those who learned with Medic One will become a member of Save A Life Team (SALT) as a “first aider” who can render prompt aid to the injured or ill should an unexpected emergency occur. If they choose, a Medic One First Aider can sign up to become a member of SALT Medical Reserve Corps linked to the government initiative to build a safer and more prepared community. The presence of SALT Medical Reserve Corps will augment the service of first responders (firefighters, police and the government medical team) in the event of natural or man-made disaster, as well as aid town residents or communities in implementing their own emergency management plans.

Your friend, your loved one, or your own life may depend on a First Aider! Trained hands save lives!