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Our Services / Carepoint Clinics
Routine Medical Care

Our General Practioners (GPs) who diagnose, treat, and prescribe medications for 10 common diseases/illnesses. They also conduct basic medical check-up and provide vaccination on the spot whether to individuals or to groups.


Basic Medical Check-up

Pre-employment check ups are required to cover occupational and safety hazards at workplace and to ensure that the selected candidate is medically fit for the job. Pre-employment check up program include:

  • Complete Medical/Physical Examination
  • Laboratory Investigations
  • X-RAY Chest



Many diseases that once caused widespread illness, disabiity, and death now can be prevented through the use of vaccines. Vaccines are medicines that contained weakened or dead bacteria or viruses. Our doctor or registered nurse can visit your office, school, or place of business to provide your group with the necessary vaccinations to insure your continued good health. Our vaccination program meets the standard of Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC).



We can provide a quick emergency point that they can all run to. Our carepoint will connect to Medic One MRC (Medical Response Center) to dispatch our Emergency Medical Services (EMS) team should the need arise for medical emergency situation.


Dental Care (DENTALINK)

In partnership with Dentalink, Carepoint provides dental care services which providing quality, affordable care with a lower than average fees. The dental care is equipped to deliver every service you may need from restorative to reconstructive, periodontal and cosmetic dentistry.