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24/7 Medical Response Center

Medic One is 24/7 medical preparedness and emergency organization that has been established to safeguard your health and help you manage through the golden hour that follows medical emergencies.

Our team of overseas-certified paramedics and emergency specialist doctors work with state-of-the-art equipment, vehicles, and technology to give you the fastest and the most effective emergency medical service to available to-date.

Our Basic Life Support (BLS) Emergency Medical Operators and Emergency Medical Specialist Doctors are trained using US 911’s APCO (Association of Public Communication Officials) curriculum which requires them to complete extensive instructional and practical hours of medical telecommunications training.

From the first instance you contact our response center, our CRM system detects your phone number and if you are a member, automatically links it to your medical record and enables our medical operators to immediately asses your injury or illness, location, and degree of medical urgency you require.