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Medic One Indonesia, the nation’s first emergency and concierge medical services company, is the Indonesia Designate of Australasian Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (AREMT) and a member of Association of Public Safety Communication Officers (APCO), the two names for a world?class?standard medical response.

It is the first organization with the heart and soul in emergency and concierge medical services the nation so badly needs. It was founded by a group of primary care and emergency physicians, as well as surgeons and public health specialists operating in the Asia Pacific with more than 30 years cumulative healthcare experience.

We are here to help you make quick, informed decisions when a medical situation arises whether this be for your family or employees. We provide the most rapid and thorough 24/7 Emergency Medical Services (EMS) similar to the US’ 911, as well as air medical evacuation and a host of Concierge Medical Services to ensure that if and when the need arises, YOU ARE READY.