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Listya's Testimonial

2013-10-04 03:29:20

My name is Listya and this is my testimony on my experience with Medic One.

It was a long and horrible night. My Mom was a victim in a traffic accident at 4 p.m. and a passerby brought her to a hospital. She had a severe head injury and had lost consciousness. It took my family about 2 hours after the incident to get to the hospital. She looked terrible. The hospital was far from hygienic, the doctors were slow, and it didn't even have the basic facilities nor the equipment of a standard emergency room. The x-ray and CT Scan machines were not working. Mom was simply left lying there for hours with no blanket; the smell of vomit from another patient filled the entire room, and the most horrifying thing was that the doctors insisted that Mom was 'just a dead body - mayat' when no basic or minor tests were even made yet. Bottom line, the hospital and the doctors were uncivilized, inhumane, and far from professional. I wanted to get Mom out of there immediately to a better hospital for better assessment and treatment.

Twice the government ambulance came to transport her, but both times I was intimidated by what the doctors said, "You’ll just cause her head injury to get worse if you try to move her, and you'll solely be responsible for it. No use in transporting her elsewhere". Upon hearing that, the ambulance paramedics refused to help us transport mom. They were too afraid to take the risk due to the lack of skill, and the absence of proper equipment en route to the hospital of our choice. But above all, they were afraid of the bureaucracy. After nine hours of my Mom being left untreated on the hospital bed, I felt that too much time has been wasted.

Just when we thought all efforts failed, a good friend of ours contacted our church pastor and he suggested we call Medic One. And owing to him, Medic One made a non-member exception.

The Medic One operator connected me with their doctor on duty. I insisted that they come no matter what the hospital doctor said about her untreatable condition. It did take a while for Medic One to get to Mom and it might be because of the hospital's unwillingness to cooperate to speed up the procedures and paperwork. Medic One's EMT/Operations Manager, Anwar Buchari, was the first to arrive on scene. When the hospital's staff were not doing anything to treat Mom, he took control of the situation professionally. He thoroughly checked Mom’s condition even when the doctors were hesitant. He explained to my family the status of my mother's condition, that there was only a 10% sign of life and it would indeed be risky to move her but at least at the other hospital she could get a CT scan done in order to get a definitive conclusion of the seriousness of her injury.

Dr. Budi Ario of Medic One then took over and took all the necessary steps and precautions to ensure that Mom can be transported as safely and as quickly as possible. It was our decision to take the risk rather than letting Mom die slowly in such an inhumane condition and environment.

We were supposed to transport her to a hospital in Menteng but the weirdest thing happened. The hospital was experiencing a leak in the emergency room just then and had to evacuate all their patients. So they couldn't admit her.

Medic One then quickly arranged an alternative placement at another hospital. From being totally confused and horrified, I then all of a sudden felt calm as I realized that we're in good hands.

With a Medic One doctor safeguarding Mom during the transport we arrived at the other hospital quickly and safely. Even though God decided to take Mom away in the end, we were just relieved that we were able to give our best effort and had a clear and accurate understanding about the extent of Mom's injury through the CT Scan.

My entire family and I would like to thank Medic One for the commendable service provided. The team worked efficiently, thoroughly, professionally and had the guts to take action that was badly needed. When no one cared, they came and showed courage and compassion.

Listya J S